Why Breathe Masks®?

Breathe Masks® was born of the idea to provide clean air to the early morning runners and cyclists living in heavily pollution environment such as New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. In order to tacking the issue of air pollution, Breathe Masks® provides premium quality pollution masks for the physically active community of runners and cyclists.

Our masks have 3 components:

1. Outer covering - All our masks are made from Neoprene. Being resiliently stretchable it allows the masks to conform easily to varying facial features, sealing around the face, thus a good seal and a comfortable fit. As the Neoprene mask will stretch between the nose and cheekbone, a negative cavity will exist. This gap if not closed up, will allow polluted air to pass through this region unfiltered, consequently reducing the masks overall efficiency. To effect a good seal in this region, all our masks use a fully annealed aluminium nose clip which can be formed to the individual facial shape of the wearer.

2. Filters - Breathe MasksĀ® use filters made to filter a wide spectrum of pollutants that are found in urban environments. Breathe Masks® filters also benefit people who suffer from breathing difficulties such as pollen allergy.

3. Valves - The valves in Breathe Masks® are designed to reduce any discomfort while exhaling the air from the lungs. Exhaled air contains heat, carbon dioxide and water vapour, that need to be let out freely. The presence of valves ensure good breathability and air flow within the mask, when undergoing exercise or physical exertion. We therefore believe that exhalation valves are an essential component of Breathe Masks®.